.no matter what this life may show/the only thing good in me is Jesus.

I love to laugh like crazy, give big hugs, go on adventures, and soak in the little moments of life. Some truly wonderful people warm my world.

My longing is to know God and glorify Him, right now, right here. I am amazed and humbled by His incredible love every. day. I am so BLESSED.

Never give up, never give in!

– Hannah Michelle


July 10th, 2008

Beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading some of your thoughts. Your love for Jesus shines through brightly. Thanks for your encouragement.

God bless,


September 22nd, 2008

You have got a nice blog here, and I am glad you know God, and you are lucky to be loved by everyone around you. Please get back to me on my email, know it will be revealed to you.

Remain Blessed!

April 15th, 2009

Hahah oh dear at your brother being mistaken for your husband!
I remember my father once being mistaken for my grandfather. I was 10 or 11 at the time and thought this was hilarious. Him? Not so much. :P


May 9th, 2009

Hey Hannah,
I know this is really late to be commenting on this, but I just found your blog. I get mistaken for my brothers wife all the time….i just get use to it….Do you know alew and brett harris? I saw you have your picture taken with them. And do you know the wissinman family? Or just happened to go to there sing thing?


July 10th, 2009

I like the new look you just gave you blog. Your so good about trying new looks and keeping things fresh.

Katelyn Snell

March 28th, 2010

Hi, I found your blog on the Rebelution.

haha, my brother and I get mistaken for twins and boyfriend/girlfriend all the time! Glad o know that there’s someone else out there who gets the same! :D

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